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This software allows recording, searching, and billing of activities in an easy and comfortable way.  Because of the clear design, all steps can be performed fluently and efficiently.  It can be used by all achievement-oriented professions (solicitors, accountants, architects, consultants).

The software can be used without any limitations for 50 days.  After this evaluation period has passed, it is necessary to acquire a registration key for every computer the software is installed on.  The price of the registration key is 290 Euro for commercial use.  No recurring license fees will be charged.  Updating an already registered program to a newer version is free.

Suggestions on how to improve the program, or requests for modifications to individual needs are taken into account and implemented as far as possible.


    ActivityRecording-2.7.5-Installer.exe (4.8) full version, 2018-01-18


    Runs on all Windows Versions (9x/NT/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7)
    Automatically filled in begin and end times of activities by using Punch-In/Stop
    Customizable function keys to quickly access frequently used cases
    Barcode scanner support for conveniently selecting cases
    Clearly represented and quick locating of activities via the integrated calendar
    Selective displaying of performed activities of an arbitrary time period
    Powerful full-text search over all performed activities
    Filter fields to quickly narrow the displayed entries
    Add color markers to certain activities and cases
    Attach files and internet links to activities
    Tape telephone calls* or other audio recordings
    Automatic dialing of telephone numbers using tone dialing (on analog telephone line)
    Automatic backup of the database and of the attached files
    Possibility of text markup to highlight certain regions or exclude them from printing
    Inserting configurable text blocks to quickly put together the activity description
    Setting alarms with automatic reminder functionality
    Printout with preview
    Printout of a journal of a day, of the whole case, or activities of a certain time period
    Calculation of fees either by required time or by category
    Rounding up to configurable intervals for fee calculation
    Multi-user and network capable

    *Please note the legal regulations applicable in your country.


Download :: Features :: Screenshots

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